Two products have arrived safely today. Thank you for your very polite and fashionable packaging. I was happy to receive the present. I'm grateful that the song I was looking for was posted, not in the bookstore, musical instrument store, or online sheet music. I'm looking forward to practice. We apologize for the inconvenience. Also, thank you for your purchase.

Patric Stone

I received the book I ordered yesterday. Thank you for your prompt arrangement. Also, thank you for your wonderful shop card and message. I put it on the back of the book. It's hard to find a chanson sheet music book, so I hope you'll take care of it again. Thank you for your continued support.

Hugo James

I just received the score. I'm surprised at how fast it is. There are three Sound of Music songs in this songbook, of which two are of interest. After finishing the song I'm practicing to some extent, I'd like to try it. I am excited to have cute packaging and memos. Thank you.

Stefanie Rashford

When I got home earlier, I was surprised that the score I requested yesterday had already arrived! Thank you for your prompt response. Thank you for your polite wrapping and messages. It was written as intermediate to advanced, but it certainly seems difficult and fun. I'm really grateful that I can gradually increase the repertoire if I have the score. Thank you again! We look forward to working with you in the future.

Anastasia Stone

I received the score today. Thank you for your prompt response from the time of ordering to delivery! !! Even with a message card, I felt a delicate attention. I was looking for a score because there was a song recital in December. The original language was better than the Japanese translation, so I'm glad I got it. I would like you to expand the repertoire of musical scores as well.

Patricia James

Good evening. I received the score safely! It was surprisingly fast from ordering to shipping, but when I opened the envelope, I was even more surprised by the cute wrapping. I am also happy with the wonderful accordion postcards! It's a delicate shop. thank you very much. We are moving to a lineup of accordion music that is difficult to obtain in Japan. I have more scores I want, so I will order again. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Steven Rashford
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